Consulting Services

Consulting Services

With Premier's year of experience, you get more than just your typical consulting and education service, you get unmatched knowledge and expertise, world-class services, and a single vendor relationship, which means customers can count on project success. Our vast range of services include:

  • Implementation Services
  • Accelerated Business Solutions Services
  • EnterpriseOne and World Software Development Services
  • E-Commerce B2B/B2C Integration Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Business Process Redesign Services
  • Systems Integration Services

Implementation Services

As an Oracle JD Edwards- certified Channel Partner with experience in the U.S. and almost a dozen countries, Premier can assist your organization with all aspects of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™ and World™ Software Implementation. Whether your requirements include setting up the JD Edwards environment, training the project team, developing custom programs with the EnterpriseOne™ Toolset, or overall project management, we can assist your organization meet its implementation objectives in a accelerated fashion and within budget.

As one of JD Edwards most experienced EnterpriseOne™ and World™ Software service partners, our expertise has allowed our customers to obtain results in weeks versus months or years. Since our consultants have been working with JD Edwards Software since 1993, we can address implementation issues quickly and effectively so that your project can move forward at an accelerated pace.

Among our service offerings are:

  • Enterprise Structure Design - Premier's consultants can facilitate the design of your organization's financial structure (entity and business unit structure, chart of accounts, financial reporting requirements and management reporting) in a way that not only takes full advantage of the JD Edwards software but improves the information flow across all areas of your organization.
  • Software Configuration and Setup - We can assist your organization with integrating its business operations with such JD Edwards applications areas as financials, distribution and logistics, manufacturing and human resources. Our consultants will help with process workflow design and implementation, setup of processing options and parameters and development of new reports.
  • Prototype Execution - We can work with your project team to prototype how your JD Edwards software will support your business process needs. Further, we will address the difficult issues unique to your operations with creative solutions and workarounds.
  • Upgrades to New Releases - Our Technical Services Group in conjunction with our Training Center personnel assist customers with the process of upgrading to new JD Edwards software releases and educating users personnel on the new release functionality.
  • Project Management - Utilizing our set of automated tools for process and project management, communications, status reporting and issue resolution, we can take all the guesswork out of managing complex information technology projects. This allows your organization to focus on key areas that bring the most value to projects of this nature -understanding of the business, its requirements, and how to best utilize the new JD Edwards software.

Accelerated Business Solutions Services

Drawing upon our extensive JD Edwards implementation experience, Premier has developed methodologies and tools to dramatically accelerate the JD Edwards software implementation process. Our tools and methods leverage the time of your key users by gathering vital information about your organization's structure and operations and then driving much of the software setup effort from this information. Further, Premier has developed business process templates to further reduce the time required in the software configuration process.

EnterpriseOne™ and World™ Software Development Services

Our team of software development professionals can review your EnterpriseOne™ or World™ Software enhancement requirements or completely new application development needs and deliver a high-quality, cost-effective and rapid solution to your requirements. Using the EnterpriseOne™ Toolset and World™ Case Development Toolset and JD Edwards development standards, your developed software will address your functional needs and facilitate future upgrades to new releases of JD Edwards.

E-Commerce B2B/B2C Integration Services

Should your business strategy dictate establishing an Internet presence for E-Commerce, Premier can help you with web strategy development, website design, hosting, E-Commerce application development and deployment. Further, we can assist your organization in extending its supply chain to customers by integrating your website with retail storefront capabilities, using Microsoft .NET Framework technology, and with your backbone enterprise software that supports such functions as order-taking and procurement.

As one of JD Edwards first business partners to develop expertise with EnterpriseOne™ Java and HTML applications, Premier represents an excellent choice to your E-Commerce needs by bringing to bear the technology expertise and EnterpriseOne™ skills necessary to successfully integrate a user friendly, Microsoft .NET Web Storefront E-Commerce solution within your EnterpriseOne™ solution.

Web Design Service

With our internet partners, we provide full-service Internet web site design and development services. Comprised of advertising and marketing experts, graphic artists, copywriters and Internet technical professionals, we can guide our customers through the intricacies of establishing highly effective web sites that represent truly effective business solutions. Our team of experts pride themselves in their ability to develop award-winning web sites that fulfill our customers' marketing goals.

Business Process Redesign

If your needs dictate the review and optimization of your business processes, our professionals can facilitate the analysis and redesign of your processes and workflow in preparation for automating these new business practices with JD Edwards enterprise software. Because our consultants have JD Edwards experience and business process expertise, your organization is assured that the redesigned processes will work smoothly within your JD Edwards software. Among the benefits that can be derived from our business process redesign efforts are:

  • Reduction in Cycle Time
  • Reduction in Labor and Other Costs
  • Increased Throughput
  • Elimination of Non Value-Added Activities; and
  • Greater Return on Technology Investments

Systems Integration

Unlike traditional hardware distributors that simply resell hardware, Premier provides the technology services to transform our hardware offerings into productive, high return-on-investment (ROI) business solutions. Among our systems integration services are the following:

  • Hardware Setup and Networking — implementation of represented hardware technologies and Windows network design/implementation in a LAN or WAN setting
  • Pre-Integrated Hardware/Operating Systems Solutions — pre-configuration/staging of operating system and database on any of our represented hardware platforms resulting in "turnkey" pre-integrated solutions; and
  • Voice/Data Networking - implementation of voice/data/fax communication solutions over dedicated lines or IP solutions.