As a Bottomline Technologies Gold Partner, Premier markets, implements and support Bottomline® solutions in North America, the Caribbean and Latin America and provides JD Edwards customers unprecedented expertise in integrating electronic forms and document delivery into their organization’s processes.

Bottomline offers a variety of products designed to seamlessly integrate into existing business systems, enabling organizations to replace expensive pre-printed forms with customized forms that can be centrally managed and distributed, adding efficiencies into the entire output process. The Bottomline suite of products offers complete electronic forms and output management solutions for business communications on the AS/400®, Windows® and UNIX® platforms, and a platform-independent, printer based e-forms solution, Create!flash.

Bottomline® software is so easy to use that even non-technical users can design custom forms such as invoices, statements, and reports, then distribute them to any destination within or outside of an organization. Bottomline creates better looking, more functional e-documents directly from the output of existing systems.

For more information on our Bottomline Create!form solutions for JD Edwards, please visit:  Bottomline Create!form

Bottomline for use with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™

This special edition of Bottomline is Oracle certified under the Oracle Partner Certified Software Partner program to provide output management to Oracle and former JD Edwards users. This tailored output solution provides document formatting capabilities to handle the unique PDF output that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™, JD Edwards® ERP 8.0, and OneWorld® Xe applications generate. Bottomline integrates directly with the PDF output from these systems with no application changes required. Document formatting and delivery capabilities can be improved without any disruption to Oracle processes, retaining important application features like fully-functional drill-down links. Bottomline is also certified for use with JD Edwards World™.

Bottomline Output Modules

Bottomline works seamlessly with the add-on components Create!stream™, Create!print®, Create!fax®, Create!email® and Create!archive®, to provide automated output management, printing, faxing, e-mailing, and digital archiving with self-service Web retrieval capabilities.


Is a positive pay solution that adds check fraud prevention to the Bottomline check printing environment.

Bottomline ACH Module is an ACH offering that provides NACHA-compliant electronic payment capabilities for a variety of applications including vendor payments, payroll disbursements, travel and expense, and claims payments.


Is a printer-based e-forms printing application. Host independent, it is an ideal solution for multi-platform and legacy business systems. Create!flash enables data from the host application to be merged with custom e-forms that are stored on designated printers, without the need to re-engineer existing systems. By storing and merging e-forms on the printer, Create!flash significantly reduces host and network traffic.