Zona Libre Express with Oracle EnterpriseOne

Free Zone Industry Solution (Zona Libre Express)
“Your Complete Free Zone Business Solution is Here!”

Zona Libre Express is a solution for process automation Free Zones, covering office, traffic, accommodation, shipping, commercial and government sales of marketed products that provides advanced features such as flexible sales, traffic control, and future availability, making the client's business operation more efficient.

Now the right software, the right people and productivity tools and the right enabling technology are all in one place to help you get better control of your business in as little as 90 days, not months and years as with traditional solutions.

Everything in One Package with Fast Results and One Affordable Price

Our team of industry experts is ready to take you forward with an integrated solution that includes software, technology, training and consulting:

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™ Software
    • Financials
    • Logistics/Distribution
    • Human Resources and Payroll (optional)
  • SmarterCommerce E-Commerce (optional)
  • Certified training services from our service professionals
  • Industry expertise to help you implement best business practices

Oracle Accelerate Advantage

Premier's Oracle Accelerate Free Zone solution (Zona Libre Express) is the first offering in the marketplace to deliver a world-class enterprise business solution by bundling the key elements—Enterprise Software, Enabling Technology and the Knowledge & Expertise—into one package to deliver rapid results at an affordable price.

Partnering with an industry leader in Oracle, we provide your organization with the following advantages:

  • Accelerated Benefits— With the streamlined Accelerate implementation tools and approach, Premier dramatically reduces the time required to integrate a world-class enterprise business solution into your organization thereby enhancing your productivity and accelerating your return on investment (ROI)
  • Simplicity— By pre-integrating the application software, technology software and services, Premier takes care of the technical complexities and delivers a solution that is ready to help you gain better control of your business
  • Accountability— With just one solution provider, your organization is assured that the components of your solution will work well together. No delays and additional costs of "finger-pointing" between different providers of application software, technology software and consulting services. 

Key Benefits

» GET FULL products information in a single application: quantities, delivery dates, costs, availability and prior commitments of sale.
» CAPTURE your sales orders without being on site, securely from anywhere in the world
» SECURE the loyalty of their customers always have a response to your requests, do not wait for an answer that is within reach of a click.
» INCREASES the capacity of its resources, remove most of your employees by giving them the full potential of Express Free Zone offers.
» PLACE more sales orders in less time, not spend precious minutes to manual labor, load, see, book and band, all in one solution.
» CONSOLIDATE for other than articles of different orders in a single office, maximize the space used in their containers
» DO NOT WASTE your resources by storing and managing discontinued products, buy from sales and generated.
» STRATEGICALLYdistributed their additional costs of hospitalization in their products on the system compare different scenarios.
» COMPLY with the administrative requirements should not be consumed staff time, make your processes and consultations through the system.
» YOU NEED to sell their products efficiently, we make it easy with a fast and efficient implementation.
» KEEP TRACK of your customers for administrative and consultative processes, let us show you how to have the answers at hand without leaving the field.

Flexible Sales

Zona Libre Express allows capture of orders directly into the system from remote connections and PDA's. With a streamlined process of capture and query the user will be able to close orders and negotiate assertively in the process because the system gives security and accuracy of the information you require. Furthermore, Zona Libre Express gives you the ability to make modifications to the commitments and keep customers differentiated treatment. Smart business, sell and win!

Extend your Capabilities

Integration with Premier Products
Extend your capabilities!

ECOMMERCE: Give your customers the ability to position themselves to shop remotely, act as their own counsel and select products for your convenience when querying prices and availability.Increase your customer base and beyond its borders!

POS: With real-time integration allows Express Free Zone to serve customers from all its outlets quickly and efficiently through its intelligent kiosk payment transactions and routing. Fast payouts, smart payments!

Shipping Offices or Orders

Streamline your shipments through the system to create more flexible firms in the industry with the ability to consolidate orders, specific lines or transfers from other companies. Each shipment contains information required to generate the loading without any errors or delays due to lack of special instructions on sending the customer may indicate in what order you want to load your items, delivery dates, carriers, etc..

Repackaging Orders

It has met the need of opening packages to repackage?. Orders repackaging gives you the flexibility to control this transfer of items between bags without losing your location register in the system.

Strategic Sourcing

Take your compass beyond the placement of orders to its suppliers, its purchasing system becomes a tool that allows you to engage and sell their products in transit, generate purchase orders from sales and additional costs to distribute the load convenience.

Sell ​​products and commit has not received in warehouses

From the moment you receive the shipping documents of its suppliers for the amount of the costs of freight, insurance and other charges, the system allows you to have pre-calculated cost to negotiate with customers committed to items that have not yet reached their warehouses. Link your firm orders, not miss sales opportunities due to poor visibility and information!

Distribution of boarding

You can distribute these costs of hospitalization at your convenience either by volume, weight or units in the container. During the distribution may view variations of pre-calculated costs plus costs incurred, so you can decide how you choose to load these costs in their products and maintain attractive selling price.

Can I sell merchandise that I have not bought?

Free Zone Express allows you to generate purchase orders from sales orders, so you buy only what you need to meet their commitments, without cluttering your product warehouses do not need. Save on inventory management and manipulation. Transform your procurement system in a strategic partner sales.

Commercial Movement

Handle business transactions electronically, not take the time to manual processes. Generate income commercial movements, departures or transfers from orders, shipments or customer number and make the electronic transmission to the Free Zone.

Document Generation

The document generator provides a flexible tool to create any kind of shipment or export documents required by the final customer to meet specific regulations and requirements of each country. Print Price List, Packing Lists, Invoices, print the information you need quickly and easily. Create your own formats, not spend time on extraction and complex searches.

Cashier and Treasury

Provides effective control of cash, checks, post-dated checks and credit documents, facilitating the use of multiple cash and bank deposits unlimited during the day. This module is integrated with customer credit information to maintain the electronic control of the release of orders.

Turnkey Implementation

We offer you the best option in the market, with our rapid implementation methodology that enables you to its Zona Libre Express running in just 15 weeks. Our strategy to support their teams enables us to provide a quality service, considering their needs at every stage, this way you are guaranteed the best results in the shortest time.

Let us show you a new experience of technological innovation for your business!