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Today, customers demand consistent service and sales support which is quickly causing call centers to evolve into complete customer contact centers. The importance of call centers is escalating as it increasingly provides support for all customer interactions.

Premier's Call Center Manager empowers your EnterpriseOne™ software to provide unparalleled customer service through every marketing channel. Specific enhancements to the Sales Order Management applications provide a customer communication vehicle with the following capabilities:

  • Ease of use through one centralized customer and prospect information system
  • Rapid customer lookup methods by names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Consolidated view and update functionality of relevant customer information
  • One touch access to customer history
  • Complete Sales Order Management and Advanced Pricing functionality
  • Opportunities for cross and up-selling through related product suggestions based on buying habits
  • Quick display of product notes and product attachments
  • Display of product availability
  • Marketing source code tracking for marketing campaign analysis
  • Integrated credit card authorization and settlement processing
  • Capabilities for multiple payment methods
  • Integrated multi-carrier shipping/logistics functionality
  • Order holds feature
  • Sales tax capability by customer shipment locations

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